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Free Money

On the page I am going to list links to get money, gift cards and other cool stuff. The more people I get to sign up the more money and make. The more you sign up the more money you make. These site take a little work, but they are worth it, if you are willing to put the time into it.

Dollar Surveys

EARN CASH this site pays you $0.50-$1.00 for all surveys you complete. I have earned money and my husband has earned money. They pay through PayPal and it takes a few days to weeks to receive the money. I know for a fact they pay.


EARN MONEY you get $10 for every referral you get to sign up under you.


EARN CASH I really like this site, you take surveys or complete offers. You can also do little tasks. You earn actual money for these things. If you download the search bar you get money for searches and you get paid to read emails.

Vindale Research

EARN CASH This one is slow and hard to get but I like it. You get $5.00 for every person who sign up under you and you get paid for surveys. Some of the surveys you have to actual get something for.

EARN GIFT CARDS, the more you play the more you win. They do not have a huge selection but they do have a few cool games.

Click here to go to iRazoo

You can get more than gift cards. If you search with their site you can get at least 100 points per day and that would be 3000 points per month. All you have to do is use their site to search for stuff. An Amazon Gift Card is only 3000 points so if you only do 2 searches a day for a month, you get a free Amazon Gift Card.

Search & Win

Earn Paypal cash, Video Games, Amazon Gift Card, and much more just by searching and watching videos!  I have already earned $50 in Amazon Gift Cards and $25 in Paypal cash and I still have over 4000 swagbucks!

Go here to get free Amazon Gift Cards for just using the site to search.